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1949William A CrabtreeCrabtree Scholarship1949W GarstangScholarships1949Mrs M E BoothmanAgriculture scholarships1951IdaMaryBoltonPrizes and maintenance of the observatory1951Mr C A SmithC A Smith Fund for the students of LyddonHall1951William LowsonLowson Scholarship in Inorganic and Structual Chemistry1952Miss Alice CoverdaleGeneral purposes of the University1952Mrs Emily CoverdaleGeneral purposes of the University1952

1953William Hoffman WoodHoffman Wood Chair of Architecture1955Mr FranklandBooks for the law library1956Mrs Mabel Alice ToothillFrank ToothillPrize in Music1957Sir Percival HartleyHartley Fund1959Frank StellThe Frank Stell Scholarship1959Eric C GregoryA gift in kind of a selection of paintings including works byHenry Moore, Victor Pasmore, Ben Nicholson and CeriRichards1960Dr Phillip GosseBrotherton Library1965Mrs Emma ReidEmma and Leslie Reid Scholarship for research into heart, brain or kindred diseases1953DateName of donorPurpose of gift