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1975William Wright SmithPostgraduate study of Mathematical Physics1976Mrs Barbara Frances FirthA contribution to the Waddington Prize in Anatomy1978Mrs Dora G RatcliffTravelling expenses for Medical students1979Miss E M LuptonTetley and Lupton Scholarship for overseas students1981Miss Edith HarrisonClinical Medicine1981Mr W B CrumpW B Crump Scholarship1981Mr Douglas and Mrs Isabella CrockettResearch scholarships1981William Hainsworth WhiteheadWilliam HainsworthWhitehead Travelling Scholarship1975DateName of donorPurpose of gift

1981Barbara Margaret CrispCrisp lecture in Neuroscience and Neurology1982Lord BoyleA giftin kind of a selection of drawings by Harold Gilman1982Miss Elinor G LuptonTetley and Lupton Scholarship for overseas students1982Sir Richard GrahamSir Richard Graham Prize in English Literature1983Harold SpeightHarold Speight Prize in Business and Economic Studies1984Bernard Taylor MasonResearch into rheumatism1984Dr Maria Lambert BeldonJames and Mabel Gaunt Prize in Paediatrics1985William Edward ClarksonA travel fund for research students in the School of Chemistry 1985