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20102010Lilian TwoheyPaediatricsand Child Health2010Dr Catherine BurtScholarships via the Alumni Annual Fund2010Dr Katherine WorleyIntercalated degrees in Medicine2011The Rev Dr Cynthia FoxSection of Musculoskeletal Disease2011Arthur H Lee Access to Learning Fund2011Margaret SheardScholarships in the field of fuel and energy2011William B ThompsonCataloguing the W B Thompson Collection2012Derrick SmithResearch into the causes of Alzheimer's disease

2012DateName of donorPurpose of gift2012Vera ThompsonCorneal research2012Elizabeth G WilliamsItems from her collection of children's literature to the Brotherton Library2013Hugh J BerkofskyThe Berkofsky Arts Award for painting, sculpture, drama or music2013Dorothie Hewlett2013William D RossFor the purchase of history books for the library2013Winifred P Smith MBEIn memory of her father Frank Smith, Professor of Education 1933-47School of English to support students from Malawi2013 Professor Peter Gray FRS The Peter & Barbara Gray Prize in Chemistry2013 Dr Gertrude M Polson Alumni Footsteps Fund